How it all began!

Dirk and his family live in Beilingen Germany. He, his wife Marion, and their two daughters are all active lovers of the rottweiler breed. The first rottweiler that Dirk and Marion owned was Aron vom Eifelstern. Although Aron's life was tragically cut very short, they were able to title him to VPG 3, AD, BH, and Ztp before he reached the age of three years old. Aron was also a very successful show dog, with multiple V and V1 ratings. Aron will always be greatly missed by his family and friends.


John Bernard

John is a good friend of Dirk and his family. He has been actively involved in the rottweiler breed since 1981. John has trained and titled numerous dogs in the sport of schutzhund, and has also had a great deal of success in doing so. He has also held training seminars for both handling and helper work, and has competed with multiple dogs at both regional and national level competitions. John is a retired firefighter and EMT, and spends a good deal of his free time striving to accomplish great things for the rottweiler breed.